We can do it all for you

In an attempt to consider the needs of student organizations applying for funding through the university, I looked up the application for funding through the university student government. As a group, we decided to shift our target audience from event coordinators on university payroll to student organizations. Unfortunately, after deciding to make this change, we have run short on time to interview officers of student organizations. After looking at the application, I realized that if we can articulate the benefits an event can have on a specific student organization, not only could this assist the student organizations applying for funding, it could also develop that customer-business relationship before getting officially hired…

Would it be possible to contract student organizations before they get their funding? Would it be possible to offer to do their application for funding on the condition that if they receive it, they must hire us? Would that be economical for us? We could say that we will do all the planning for the student organizations, and by all, we mean ALL. In time, after doing a few applications on behalf of student organizations, we could advertise our success rate for funding that was granted through our assistance.

The advice given to use by one of the event planners we interviewed was to be sure to stress how our services are going to make the planner’s life much easier, so this is just the thought process that became of that piece of advice…



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